About Us

It all began with Benson's Old Home Style Fruit Cakes available in rings and bars, various style and sizes.

Our mission at Benson’s Bakery is to produce quality baked products cost effectively in an environment that is safe, clean and friendly for our employees and community.

The integrity of our company is based on the principles of quality products, satisfied customers, impeccable service and conscientious employees with a focus of commitment to innovations growth and development. Benson’s Bakery produces high quality products for in-store bakeries throughout the country.

Benson’s Bakery is a national supplier of thaw and sell cake items consisting of the following categories:

  • Authentic Old Fashioned out of pan Angel Food Cake rings in assorted flavors and sizes
  • Angel Food loafs and rings in various flavors and packaging
  • Sugar Free Angel Food Cake rings out of pan and c-pet varieties
  • Creme Cake rings in assorted flavors and sizes
  • Sliced Creme Cakes in assorted flavors
  • Creme Cake loafs in assorted flavors
  • Pound Cakes in rings and loafs in assorted flavors
  • Coffee Cakes in assorted 8 x 8 varieties.
  • Greek Yogurt Style Cakes
  • Fruit Cake in a variety of styles and flavors.