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Facilities at Benson's Bakery are state of the art location which houses cutting edge industry equipment to perform all types of baking requirements for its' clients.

Over the years the original bakery expanded and moved from the downtown Athens location to the current location in Bogart, GA. The old facilities were then used to conduct other business matters within the company that did not need direct access to the bakery facility. In 1957, as the Bakery expanded and offered more products to its customers, additions were made to the facility and equipment was specifically purchased to handle the growing fruit cake business, as well as the increase in the company's oven biscuits. This expansion allowed the company to hire over 100 new employees.

In the late 1930's to early 1950's, Benson's Bakery endured many changes throughout time with opening, moving and closing its' wholesale plant and downtown retail stores and overcame a hardship during the 1955 fire of its' Oconee plant. The strength of the company's leadership and commitment of its employees has made Benson's Bakery a strong asset to the community and an enduring partner to its' customers.